Quality Assurance In Steel Structures

Construction quality issues not only concern the building contractors and clients, but they have the owners and users as beneficiaries as well. Therefore, some measures need to be taken into account to enhance the quality assurance and its appropriateness for the serviceability conditions by public rights. Traditional methods of assessment, measurement and quality control with no planned structure and preset instructions could simply put quality and durability of structures at risk.

Quality assurance begins with a knowledge-based planning and quality requirements determination and ensuring the implementation of them complete the operation of quality assurance. Quality assurance consists of recording the whole information, technical specifications, consumed materials, the necessary measures to both present and future structure and obtaining the related approvals. It also includes awareness of design basis and familiarity with used provisions, standards, and acceptance criteria, and in other words, providing ID books or structural engineering guides for the structure.

All the forms, tables, and diagrams required for project records and registrations start with the quality assurance department, and once undergone the specified procedures, they are completed and recollected and documented in the quality assurance department as technical ID or engineering booklet.