CFTB structural system

Concrete Filled Tubes with Bolts under the commercial name of CFTB is patented by Sazan group and is reckoned as a novel achievement in the construction industry.

In the CFTB system, not only is constructing a box column unnecessary but continuity plate is also removed from the column and consequently, all related design and construction procedures are canceled out. This speeds up the process of erecting frames and optimizes used materials. In addition to its cost-effectiveness and time-saving capabilities, being fire-protected makes CFTB more practical compared to other lateral load resisting steel frames.

CFTB structural system satisfies AISC 358 standard of designing prequalified connection and received technical certification from Building and Housing Research Center (BHRC) and has been used in several projects.

    عملکرد سازه‌ای

    Installation Sequences

    Step One

    - Erection columns of the first stage

    - Set columns inclination to the permitted deviation of applicable code

    Step Two

    - Installation of beams

    - Snug tight of bolts


    Step Three

    - Placement of self-consolidating concrete in columns

    - Possibility of installation next stage

    - Possibility of installation the floors

    Step Four

    - Pretentioning of bolts


    Ongoing Projects With CFTB Structural System

    Pedar Residential Complex

    Total Area: 1900 sq.m.
    Number of Stories: 6 stories
    Location: Kerman

    Einak-Sazan Residential Complex

    Total Area: 4500 sq.m.
    Number of Stories: 9 stories
    Location: Tehran


    Eastern Arghavan Complex

    Total Area: 2500 sq.m.
    Number of Stories: 7 stories
    Location: Tehran