When a product is made with a specific function and is built to last a certain length of time–that is the result of optimizing the engineering and design process to create a product with only the required features and using the best material to meet the product’s intended life cycle.

Many architectural and construction projects have been known to waste time and money on expensive and unnecessary building materials or structures that are designed to be far more complex and costly to build than is necessary for the intended function of the building.

Value engineering is the process of finding and using acceptable material and process substitutes that will optimize both the cost and the performance of a structure. Utilizing Engineering Design, when your project is on a tight budget and an even tighter construction schedule, we are skilled at applying Value Engineering and Optimization principles.

In Sazan, we combinate engineering sciences and economics, by utilizing complex algorithms for structural optimization to achieve the most optimum structural design so that it satisfies all structural needs as well as codes provisions. Sazan has a wealth of experience in applying value engineering doing with quality assurance in optimizing design of millions of square meters with construction time and consumed material reduced considerably.  

As a key service, Sazan experts, using professional proprietary software, optimize primary design proposed by employers and estimate possible increased benefit in 4 days.

Value engineering can affect different parameters:

  • Losing structural weight and consuming less material
  • Optimize project connections and reduce construction cost
  • Faster construction time
  • Improving build quality
  • Improving structural reliability
  • Improving seismic behavior and structural performance