SAZAN Multi-Task Software

SAZAN Patented Software

Sazan is a powerful multi-tasks software in structural designing that was produced by professional programmers and engineers in Sazan Design & Quality Assurance Group. This exclusive software is empowered Sazan group to deliver brilliant services in design and quality assurance of structures with special attention to time and material efficiency.

 Sazan software services can be employers as:

- Providing optimal design of structures

- Designing connections to reach optimal design

- Seismic Controlling for designed projects

- providing seismic hazard assessment and design spectrum

امکانات برنامه سازان

Sazan optimization software product, which benefits from complex algorithms based on energy method and energy balanced required by construction elements provides by far the best layout for the structural elements while taking into account the regulative controls in general.

Sazan connector modules provide the ability to monitor all the structural design procedures from modeling to automatic structural engineering drawings.

SAZAN, Optimizing Multi-Tasks Software 


- Sazan Control: Evaluation and control of codes and standard provisions

- Sazan Loading: producing load combination and automated structural loading

- Sazan Steel: Optimization of steel structures

- Sazan concrete: Optimization of Concrete Structures

- Sazan Drawing: Structural drawings

- Sazan connection: designing connections of steel structures

Sazan Linkage: Providing a communication network between engineering programs

- Sazan baseplate: Design of biaxial loaded baseplates based on biaxial-moment interaction surface

  • Definition of earthquake load and controlling it

  • Definition of  load combination

  • definition of soil lateral load

سازان بارگذار
  • Providing a communication network between engineering programs

سازان رابط
  • Width to thickness control

کنترل فشردگی مقاطع
  • Weak Story Control

  • Soft Story Control

کنترل طبقه ضعیف و نرم
  • Precise (Exact) Design & Distribution of Diaphragm Forces Control

کنترل دقیق طراحی و توزیع بار دیافراگم
  • Orthogonal Effect in Concrete Columns Control

کنترل اثر تعامد در ستون‌های بتنی
  • Design, Control & Optimization Concrete Beams And Columns

کنترل، طراحی و بهینه‌سازی تیرها و ستون‌های بتنی
  • Panel Zone Control & Design of Continuity Plates

کنترل برش چشمه اتصال و طراحی ورق پیوستگی
  • Moment ratio (Strong Column / Weak Beam) Control

کنترل نسبت مقاومت خمشی ستون نسبت به تیر
  • Plastic Shear Strenght Control of Beams & Column

کنترل برش پلاستیک تیرها و ستون‌ها
  • Reduce Beam Section Control of Beams

کنترل تیرهای RBS
  • Baseplate Design

طراحی صفحه ستون‌ها و کنترل مهارشدگی انکربولت‌ها
  • Design of all types of connections in steel structures

Bolted Simple Connection

  • Single Plate Beam2Col
  • Bolted Beam Splice (Shear)
  • Bolted Double Plate Beam2Beam
  • Bolted Double Plate Beam2Col
  • Shear End Plate
  • Insert Plate
  • Temporary Lugs
  • Beam Lateral Support
  • Ordinary Bolted/Welded box Brace Connection


Welded Simple Connection

  • Welded Double Angle Beam2Col
  • Welded Double Angle Beam2Beam
  • Welded/Bolted Double Angle Coped Beam2Beam
  • Stiffened Seated Connection
  • Welded Beam Splice (Shear)
  • Corbel 


Bolted Momment Connection

  • Bolted Flange Plate
  • End Plate
  • Bolted Beam Splice
  • Bolted Column Splice
  • Moment Beam2Beam

Welded Momment Connection

  • CoverPlate
  • WUFW
  • RBS
  • Welded Beam Splice
  • Welded Column Splice

Bolted/Welded Brace Connection

  • Bolted Special Gusset Plate
  • Welded Special Gusset Plate
  • Braced Cantilever
طراحی انواع اتصالات در سازه‌های فولادی
  • Sazan Steel Control

    Optimization of steel structures

سازان فولاد کنترل

    Automatic drawing of structures maps

سازان نگار (ترسیم اتوماتیک سازه)
  • Drawing concrete beams, slabs, and foundations

ترسیم تیرهای بتنی، دال‌ها و فونداسیون
  • Generate structural checklists

تولید چک لیست‌های سازه‌ای