HAZARD, A Software to Analyse Earthquake Hazard

Sazan Seismic Hazard Analysis software is utilized to precisely control code hypotheses regarding most probable earthquake that can occur around under-design structure. 

This software is capable of presenting earthquake design spectrum for every point in Iran. Sazan is going to release it freely to the community so that one can find the level of seismic hazard in his location and even make an estimation of damage imposed to a constructed or under-construction structure while an earthquake occurs.

HAZARD Software Exclusive Features

  • Calculating the probability of earthquake ground shaking at the surface or in the bedrock beneath a site based on the location of surrounding faults with fast algorithms

  • Full access to graphical GIS objects

  • Multi GIS layer with different graphical information
    -Deferent geo-referencing for every layer
    -Using UTM & Lat-Lon coordinate for every layer

  • Using seismic source as area/line/background with 3d depth

  • Digitizer simulation with various background image

  • Reading and processing GIS shapefiles

  • Create seismic group involves:
    -Magnitude of completeness/ Declustering/ Poisson distribution
    -Recurrence function as One order single line/ N order multi-line/ Kijko–Sellevoll

  • Using spectral and nonspectral attenuation with string processing

  • Drawing GIS annotation & create perimeter information

  • Using automatic logic tree in five branches:
    -Source shapes/Seismicity/Magnitude/Attenuation/Distance
    -Perform manual logic tree with adding seismic layer

  • Operating site soil types

  • Deterministic/ Probabilistic within Spectral/ Nonspectral calculation

  • Hazard result as:
    -Hazard curves/Hazard zoning/Zoning profile/Uniform hazard spectra
    -Variety in contour type & graphical zoning
    -Graphical/Text report maker

HAZARD Software Output


• Hazard result for every branch of the logic tree with or without using weight
• Hazard curves
• Hazard zoning
  – Viewing every site result
  – Zoning profile
• Uniform hazard spectra

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